Sunday 3 November 2019
King's Theatre, Edinburgh
2 Leven Street, Edinburgh, EH3 9LQ
0131 529 6000

One time I bought a lasagne from the supermarket, heated it up in the oven and ate a bit of it and it wasn't very nice so I put it in the fridge because it felt wrong to dump a whole lasagne in the bin and then later on I ate a spoonful of the cold lasagne because I was drunk and it was absolutely delicious. It was 4am. I then changed the name of a WhatsApp I was a part of to COLD LASAGNE HATE MYSELF 1999 because I had been thinking a lot about how 1999 was the best year of my life and also about how much I hate myself sometimes. The next day I was asked to name my new show. Come along. 


"There’s no one better at constructing a show than Acaster – The Guardian"

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